Mother May Apple

A poem given on Mother's day at the Riverside baptism at St. Martin's Meadow, May 10, 2009

Rain fell on spring-soaked soil so much it pooled and flowed unbounded. Love, blessing and abundance poured out on all God's green earth. Thick new growth sprouted from every pore from this water feast. In this vast wilderness, the Mayapple comes prepared for the rainy season. Her single leaf, an umbrella, lets water flow and protects her single blossom. That flower, like all creation, is made in secret, intricately women in the depths of the earth. It is not fragile or sweet, but miraculous and healing. Before we ever dreamed of this flower or this rain, her eyes beheld it. When it finally opens for the world, it is a wondrous delight. Mayapples fourish in wet Springs as they gather gather in community on hillsides.

Come, celebrate our Mother May apple and the Mother who bears all fruit. Sing praise to her and to her waters that bring new life to everything. Count her blessings that number more than all the widflowers in all the woods. Then pray her waters bring us new life worthy of her children.


The community of St. Augustine's celebrated

the sacrament of baptism with:

Gabriel Grant Heuser

Briyanna Marie Mcclain

Jonnah Danielle Alexander

Aundreah Jonnaye Alexander

Jeffrey Calhoun Maddox, Jr.

Claiborne McIlwaine Elam

Nancy Jane Terzian

Julia Ruth Hermann

Lucy Elizabeth Hermann

Chesnee Seals Foster

James Barton Kensler

James Barton Kensler II

Gryffin McCorry Anatol Anderson