Photo Credit: Peggy Napier 

Photo Credit: Peggy Napier 

I remember when Thistle Farms first bought the building on Charlotte Ave. It was shortly before the flood in Nashville in May 2010. When my husband Marcus drove me over to look at the location there was just a huge mud yard on the side of the building. 

But there was one Thistle growing up out of that mud, and I took it as a sign. 

As I was entertaining a group at the Cafe recently (Thank you to Trish, the Cafe Events Manager) and Kristin, my Assistant) and bussing a few tables myself, all I could think about was what a well-oiled community Thistle Farms has become in every department.  You can see professionalism, growth, charity and love exuding as effortlessly as the lavender wafting through the vents.

That afternoon, there were groups of women laughing and talking during a break and even a group from the Nashville Sexual Assault Center learning about how to serve survivors. It is amazing to behold and I'm so proud to be a part of it. Everyone is a testimony to how love heals. From the oils that we lavish this world with to the amazing food to the kind words--it all is healing.

Thank you to everyone who made that day possible. We're only hitting our stride.