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"The Spirituality of Hope:" Visiting Christ Church Charlotte


god has carried me through, and he has taken me out of bondage. and now, it's like i can live. i can live. i can hope. i can dream. i can tell our story. and i can help the next woman that's out there--who felt the same way i felt. and, i am able connect with her on a deeper level because of my experience, strength and hope. and the dream continues. that makes it worth living because i'm a survivor, not a victim. anika

when i started magdalene, i didn't know that my own story had anything to do with why i was drawn to women on the streets. i mean, that's just kind of how our ministry goes, and the idea of the wounded healer that comes out is that your heart is open to compassion when you get a sense of the grace that comes your way...i was going to the streets to meet part of myself and to be about that story having a better ending for a lot of the women. becca

we were so pleased to visit christ church charlotte in charlotte, nc last month and take part in their faith forum. please click on the link below to hear some powerful and healing words from becca, anika, and mary stuart. thank you rev. chip edens and your entire congregation!