Today let us sing a song of the saints in stained glass by whose light the whole world shines brighter.  By the light of John whose voice rang out in the wilderness and washes us in holy  waters. By the ministry of Peter, James, and John and all the disciples and apostles, By the first proclamation of resurrection by Mary Magdalene, and the other women.  By the sacred works of the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, By the blinding light sent to Paul, By the witness of Stephen, the first martyr, and by those who followed his example. By the light of  lives of holiness and prayer reflected in Anthony, Benedict, Francis, Clare, and Dominic, Patrick, Bridgid, Aidan, Cuthbert, Hilda, Julian, and Ninian,By the light of the reformers Luther, Calvin, Cramner, Elizabeth, Wesley, and Ignatius By the light of the translators of Scriptures,  Jerome, Tyndale, Wycliffe, by the light of those who hear the cry of those who suffer, Howard, Martin, and Teresa. Today Let us sing a song to one another, to help us remember we are all saints.  Jesus preaches we are all blessed and beloved and full of light when we remember  we are saints in our poverty, mourning, meekness, peacemaking, and purity of heart. Let us sing a song for people who surrendered to love for the sake of their brothers and sisters. For all those who have laid down their lives in the face of great adversity, reminding us that an unguarded heart is blessed. For those who used their lives as a witness To the truth that love endures and heals.

Let us sing a song for the pioneers who laid the foundation upon which we cut our own paths through wilderness.  They make straight highways in the desert, they let justice roll like a river, they walk humbly with god, and they long for love like deer long for waterbrooks.

Let us sing a song for those who inspire us to keep the faith.  The people we have loved who call to us in the dancing autumn leaves, in quiet frosted winter mornings,  in new shoots resurrecting from earth in spring, and in the blush of a summer sunset. They call  us to live deeper and not  waiver.   We weep at their memory, and sing alleluia at their graves. They are our  companions in loneliness, and guides on the journey.

We come from saints and return to saints. They are the rich earth and the throng of angels.  They are our beginning and our end. They give us the power to love fiercely for our lord's sake. Let us don altars with flowers to remember them and to speak their names as we break the bread. they are our cloud of witnesses that bear our truth before the memory of God.

Let us  sing a song to the saints of God.