We are all back safe and sound from the Escuela Ann Stevens in San Eduardo, Ecuador. It was a huge year of celebration. We drank the water from the tap for the very first time and took showers at the school! We stamped 800 books in the new library made from the gift of Harpeth Hall in honor of Dr. Melissa Wert. We saw over 1,000 people in the clinic over three days. On the last evening, we all proposed toasts in honor of the work and the well. The very last toast was given by Joseph Matias, our coordinator in Ecuador who has been with us for many years. He said, "I'd like to propose a toast to happiness, because you're not just giving clean water, a library, or medicines to the people of San Eduardo. You're giving them the best gift ever, happiness."

Check back soon for photos and a Thistle Farming update.