An image of the mountains taken by Becca 

An image of the mountains taken by Becca 

Weep with the willow, as the forest burns

And the land cries out,

"I thirst." 


Dance with the girl banging her tambourine
Who sold her heart to play
For those who can still hear music. 


Wail for the wilting kudzu,

Once your enemy,

That is choking from judgement. 


Search for pilgrims who lost their shores

To poverty and war

Combing the beaches for home. 


Raise your arms in an act of peace,

Which defies the laws of gravity,

Holding up a rusted ploughshare.


Pray for sanctuaries desecrated

Because they withhold bread

To uphold stale doctrine. 


Lose everything we took for granted,

Stored in secret closets,

With graceful surrender


Then use what is left and offer it
To the neighbor who needs it more,
For Love's sake. 
peace and love,