Haloed Light They danced Under a trinity of lights strung on a wire Over a courtyard made of concrete Where weeds found new life through Cracked mortar.

It wasn't the moon that cast shadows over the courtyard in this Ecuador town. It was the radiance from a single Strand hung over the heads of the Angels that paraded underneath.

They were the Angels of the 3rd grade class. Decked out in the white of innocence With paper wings. They twirled In unison as angel-parents Snapped pictures Trying to capture the eternal grace of childhood flying by them.

The dangling bulbs formed a rosetta like Stained-glass on the far wall In tatted lights and shadows.

This is hallowed ground. No cathedral is more adorned. In this light beauty rises from within and Truth brushes past On the wind of paper wings.

A trinity of lights carried us that night On the dreams of innocence to A heavenly host.