God, grant us the grace to give thanks---
Not only for dogwoods and tulip poplars that grace our hills,
But also for hackberries and iron woods that grow at will.
Not only for irises and lilies that don sacred altars,
But also for thistles and rag weed that bless forgotten fields.
Not only for mountain spring waer that fills our glasses raised in praise,
But also for the Harpeth and Cumberland waters we have muddied.
Not only for the success and victories we celebrate together,
But also for the brokenness and sorrow we have carried alone.
For it is in the wild and unruly parts of this world we are taught---
To cut new paths forward, to fight with compassion for others,
To speak our truth against prevailing myths, to humble ourselves enough to listen.
Such grace, wash in gratitude, leads us back into your creation sated with love,
That remains, our most powerful force for social change.   Amen.