For the past decade I have worked with women from the streets of cities all over the country. I have not met a woman who has not been raped and left destitute on those streets. None of the women came to the streets directly. First, they danced, worked in spas, or were part of the elite call-girl rings that are being discussed in the news now. None of the women ended up on the streets by themselves. It takes a community of people and failed systems to help them get there; it takes sexual abuse at a young age; it takes drugs; it takes people who continue to think that you can buy and sell others at no cost to the person's well being. I have a lot of sympathy for New York's governor and his family and pray that they will heal from this experience. I also have a lot of compassion for the woman who was used in this process.

Magdalene is dedicated to the truth that love is a powerful force for social and individual change. We believe that when we all stop believing the myth that this is a victimless crime, change will come. We have administered a school for first-time offenders of solicitation for almost eight years. The statistics show that the majority of men who solicit prostitutes are married. They are risking their families, their health, and their careers to have unsafe and anonymous sex. The reasons for this run as deep as the reasons women are willing to sell their bodies to the men. I am committed to helping women who want to leave the streets and find their way back into the wider community where they are respected and where they can unite their bodies and spirits.