I stood in the pulpit as the 12th speaker in the 89th Lenten Series at Calvery Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee today.  I stood in front of a wooden raredas painted gold that was more than 140 years old. It  sat beneath beautiful stained glass and overlooked walnut pews.  Rarely as I go out and speak about the work of Thistle Farms, do I get such a sense of stepping into history. It felt good to add the name of Thistle Farms to the long list of notable causes spoken from that historic pulpit from across our country throughout time. It felt like a privilege to take my turn standing for a moment and speaking my truth. It is one of the oldest Lenten series I have ever heard about. After the sermon we all ate lunch made from recipes older than the raredas: tomato aspic, chicken hash, and derby pie. The people were gracious and listened and welcomed us and purchased lots of products. After the session we headed down to the river front to see Beale street. This is our third trip to Memphis; I hope someday we come back to help them open their own Sanctuary for women.