It is a joy to travel with the women from Thistle Farms. One of the many reasons is that for some of the women over the years, I have gotten to witness the wonder of their first flight. The laughter as a plane starts down the runway. The wide eyed look as they witness clouds from the top side. The gratitude they feel no matter where they are sitting or how long we sit on the tarmac.  The trip this week to Pennsylvania with Shana and Dorris was filled with joy for me. As we were ascending, Shana pulled out her cell phone and started taking pictures of Old Hickory Lake. I didn't remind her that she wasn't supposed to have her phone on.  Instead, I loved seeing her look at the lake from an aerial view. Dorris then said she wondered if this was the closest to God she would ever get before heaven. I told her I thought she was as close to God as I had felt all week.  I'm always grateful for this work. I'm grateful to spread the mission of Thistle Farms, but tonight, I'm grateful that Tim and I get to travel home with shana and Doris on a magical flight.