Above the rich soil in Tennessee where native visions lie in silent repose, we walk a path cleared by the salt of tears and sweat. With new visions for Nashville rising with this sunrise, we stand on hope older than the limestone beds made by wandering sands. Even though from time to time this path is covered by the withered vines of forgetfulness, we know the way. Deep roots of justice that were planted back in Eden keep us heading to higher ground. So as Megan Barry, David Briley, and all the council start on this new journey, let our prayer be to guide them on the ancient path where love leads. Fill them with the oldest vision. When they find themselves lost or covered in the thick tangles of fear, anger, or power, let them feel this solid ground where chert, limestone and roots give strength. May they feel ancient wisdom on this hallowed ground as they dream new dreams. Keep them safe as they pass through hills and green valleys. Let them long for justice as a deer longs for a brook. Watch their backs like the red tailed hawk on a steeple. Guide them with mercy so they never get lost. Let this prayer join the chorus of others and sink deep into our hearts and bind us again to this sacred ground for the sake of our children's children. Amen Photo courtesy