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Celebrate Mother's Day 2016 With Thistle Farms


"I inherited the instinct to want to heal and to do it simply, artfully, and with prayer from my mother..." Becca, Snake Oil

Thistle Farms is an ever-expanding recovery network for survivors of violence, addiction, prostitution, and sex trafficking, a social enterprise, a thriving cafe, a global shared trade marketplace that puts money back in the hands of women all over the world

But we are mostly a community of women who celebrate our lives as mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. As you love on the special women in your life this Mother's Day, I hope you honor them with gifts that make their day, and heal mothers and reunite families locally and across the globe.

For Mother's Day 2016, we have created a Mother's Day Gift Guide for all of our wonderful Thistle Farmers to help you give love and share love. 

We also invite you to make a reservation for afternoon tea at the Thistle Stop Cafe. 

Peace and love, Becca

Video Credit: Patti Blevins

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