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A Prayer of Faithfulness and A Prayer for Mercy

A Prayer of Faithfulness and A Prayer for Mercy

A Prayer of Faithfulness

Prepare me, dear Lord, to start this day again.

I am ready to keep climbing even though the mountain is steep.

I am willing to keep searching even though the fog is thick.

I am able to keep praying even though my words sound hollow.

Take these offerings and use them to open my heart to a new song.

Remove from me all that is keeping me unwilling or unable to sing.

So that I can praise the wonder of clouds parting and love revealed. Amen.


A Prayer for Mercy

In your spirit of mercy, as solid as the ground upon which we make our stand, help us recall

when we were hungry, afraid, sick, or imprisoned by bonds and burdens. May that mercy be

forged into compassion that loves the whole world without judgment. Forgive us again when we

fail to show mercy or come into your temple for solace and not for strength. Pardon our

blindness when we didn’t see you in the person we called our enemy. Help us let go of tired old

bitterness passed on by generations who forgot the freedom of forgiveness. Unite us in the truth

that love is the most powerful force for change and teach us to preach love in action.

Lord in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer