The world is old.Weary from eons of housing our hopes and raising our dreams. She has borne the scars of war And holds in her belly every person that has ever walked upon her. She sees past our greed with rose and oak colored glasses. She calls to us from her blue when we have stayed away with bird’s songs And signs she waves like banners for prodigal sons. But we don blinders to keep us moving and pay no heed. We invent new ways to frack and hack and blast and cast her As far away from our thoughts as we can. We can't name one of her children that swim in our creeks. We have forgotten the story of where her bedrock was raised. And what parts of her were made for healing. And when she begins to show signs of sickness in super-storms and tornadoes in snow, We ignore it like a raspy cough heard in the middle of the night. She speaks to us on warm January mornings in a voice we hear Above the blaring of tornado sirens, "take heed and heart".

We don’t want to lose her. God forbid, if she ever broke the news she was dying, We would start to miss her. We would scramble to her bedside shores And climb her weeping willows to be held once more in her arms. She is old, but she is wise and wondrous. She is to be revered and treated Like the Queen of Sheba, the pearl of great price, and the lover of all souls. We should pray she outlives us and comes back strong. Then she will still hold us gently when we return to her, our greatest mother.

Forgive us mother, we know what we are doing. We have taken you for granted And counted our desires above all else. We have left things undone And done things we should not have done. We are children still beloved, not because we are worthy, But because we are earth and water and spirit Mixed together in the secret of your womb. We are made from you and cannot be taken from you. We are each other’s forever. Let us sing your praises in amending our lives. In seeing the gifts and protecting your rights. Let us walk awake upon your hills and see your beauty in barren branches and wild grasses. Then let us return with grace to you.