I walked in the woods and prayed at Radnor Lake in Nashville Tennessee. As I was walking I realized that my prayer was one of thanksgiving for the trees and hoping they would survive the drought.  The trees stand their ground.  Stoic and accepting, they took the late frost this past spring and then called upon their own reserves to grow new leaves.  They stand tall and peaceful in this windless summer and shed those leaves with equal grace.  They seem particularly tender at Radnor Lake because as I walked by I caught sight of the life-saving water in the same vision.  The tree and lake are within sight, but the tree can't move and is dying of thirst.  I wonder sometimes if that is how we look to God.  We are within sight of the kingdom, but we stand on what we claim is our ground, or our truth, or our life, and it looks like we are dying of thirst by the water.