Katrina, Tracey, and I recently went to St. Charles Church in New Orleans for a Thistle Farms Salon.  We shared our story with a group of women and learned more about the women who are walking the streets of New Orleans.  We also made a lot of new friends.  We stayed at Kathy Meunier's home, visited some of the city, bought t-shirts in the quarter, and preached at Trinity Episcopal Church the next evening.  We got to see Rev. Peter Gray at Trinity, who is an old friend of Thistle Farms.  He was a student in seminary at Virginia when Cokesbury started selling Thistle Farms products.  He walked into the small store at the seminary and saw the products and ran back to his dorm and emailed all his friends to go and buy our stuff!  After they sold out of their first order, the store manager reported the event back to the folks in Nashville, and it helped us get more established as a vendor with Cokesbury.  It was fun to see him in his new role as associate rector of Trinity and to thank him in front of his new flock.  Katrina and I love traveling together around the country and sharing the good news of love in action.  It is a story of hope and it is a very concrete way of feeling like we make a small difference in this big world.