Last night, Thistle Farms was mentioned on CNN by Nancy Grace.

Below is the transcript excerpt:


Aired September 24, 2007 - 20:00:00 ET 

"This weekend, I learned about a special program, helping lady victims of sex abuse, women with criminal histories, drug problems, prostitutes, founded a decade ago in the Nashville area by Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest, Magdalene Ministries is a two-year community program helping troubled women start over. It gives shelter; it helps them recover from sex abuse, violence, drugs, alcohol. It gives health care services, resources, all free. Magdalene Ministries reaches four different states as of now.
It is a nonprofit cottage business, Thistle Farms, featuring an acre of lavender to make natural products and handmade by the ladies in Magdalene, now nationwide. If you want to help these women recover, simply go online. It`s on our Web site, and it`s at or There is more than one way to stop crime and drug addiction..."