She walked all over God's green earth.

Bounded by a love that freed her to walk with a compassionate heart.

Unfettered by chains of judgment, she walked in awe

of shadowed owls, blooming hillsides, and fragile ferns.

She walked with unaffected modesty upon this earth.

She thrived on unflinching devotion that sated everyone with cups of her gratitude.

Her energy made time, like multiplying black-eyed Susans in spring, to meet the needs of others.

She walked with love upon this earth.

It fired her spirit to walk through tough days and starless night.

It grounded her idealism that walked towards a promised land in acts of unadorned kindness.

It fed her intellect that contemplated lilies in the field and universal issues of injustice.

She walked so fast upon this earth.

Ready to take flight on words that sent her spirit into passing clouds on a breeze.

With pride like a mother hen of her brood she could soar on the gift of family.

Such love never stops walking; it is still unflinching, tireless and unfettered.

It still calls us to walk with hope even as she returns to this earth she cherished.

Her walk is now felt in an owl's call in shadowed walnut leaves or in dappled resurrection moss along a stream.

We follow her now deeper into that mysterious, longing space where the temporal and eternal kiss in love's

embrace where she will not let go.

We can walk with her memory to altars in green valleys to share a cup of joy.

We can feast with her spirit in hidden woods on a bite of bread when we hunger for hope.

She walked with grace upon this earth.

We grieve her beautiful bounded body's passing.

Seen in signs and memories she helps us walk through our mourning.

She calls like a saint to keep walking,

keep loving, keep close, till we reach the other side of time on love's eternal shore.


Becca Stevens, July 2013