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A book that can inspire all of us to think of ways we can come together and be a powerful witness in this world for how love heals

We all have a story. Whether written from the hardships of deep wounds, grief, or longing for justice, your life can overflow with hope. 

In Love Heals, you'll find principles that have transformed lives. 

Each chapter brings encouragement and practical steps for anyone going through a difficult season or searching for a deeper faith. 

  • Love heals by the mercy of God. 
  • Love heals with compassion. 
  • Love heals during the act of forgiving. 
  • Love heals past our fears. 
  • Love heals across the world. 

 Along with other ways that love heals, read true stories of healing and joy, where brokenness is transformed into compassion. And believe the truth that you, too, can be changed and grateful for this life you live.

"Love Heals is true. And in this book, I’ve found a beautiful place of encouragement and hope—a meeting point for us all to experience community, healing, and love."  


"Amidst all the noise and chaos of our world, Becca finds God in simple, beautiful, quiet places and tells us we can too." 


*Frame not included

*Frame not included

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