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Love is the most powerful force for change in the world.

Drawn from 25 years of leadership in mission-driven work, the courageous stories of women survivors, and wisdom from nature and healing traditions, Becca inspires with practical and loving steps to create change in individuals and communities.




Social Entrepreneur.

Thistle Farms Founder

& President.


About Becca

Becca balances the practical and divine with an inspirational voice in the huge choir of people championing the work for a more loving, compassionate, and just world.   

Fearless of the exponential growth of her work, she challenges social norms and inspires women to step up for each other - with grace, generosity, vitality, spirit, and love. 

"It began with the simple hope that love can create healing and community."

Love Heals


Justice Warrior

Becca has helped establish 10 justice initiatives and raised more than $55M for their funding.



Truth Speaker

Becca spends half the year on the road, speaking to non-profit, religious, and business audiences. Her joy is to inspire mission, compassion, and action!



Avid Writer

The author of 11 books, Becca actively writes articles and opinion pieces on justice and leadership.

Practically Divine


If we seek them, signs of God’s love for us abound--on a walk in the woods, in a church or temple, or in a dusty refugee camp. And when we see, taste, and smell the divine during extraordinarily ordinary days, these become sacred breadcrumbs that mark our paths to experiencing this love.

Practically Divine
It began with the simple hope that love can create healing and community.


Latest Posts

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Grace to keep going

I've Heard Her Story Before

Here is my reflection on celebrating and grieving the heroic stories of sisters around the world. I sat across from a woman who spoke in...

I've Heard Her Story Before
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