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Healing Trauma

Finding Freedom & Gifts in Trauma

I cannot speak to anyone else’s experience, but trauma gave me a different way of seeing the world. It gave me resiliency, courage, and compassion.

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Download Stories of Hope and Healing

There is no secret formula to healing. 

Practically Divine

No magic pills or clever acronyms can erase the memories and the pain and the experiences that have shaped us. 

Healing comes from within, from letting go and allowing ourselves to experience the beauty that’s all around us. In this ebook, I share the stories of three strong women who each had to deal with tremendous trauma in their lives, and how through love and community, they discovered the healing power within themselves.

Practice might not lead to perfection, but it will lead us closer to love.

About Practically Divine

Practically Divine is a roadmap for survivors of trauma and abuse to finally let themselves heal—through experiencing the love and beauty that surrounds us every day of our lives. In allowing ourselves to share with each other, to walk out of our dark tunnels of trauma and into broad daylight, we can repair the brokenness and truly love ourselves. 


In the book, Becca Stevens shares her own story of experiencing sexual abuse as a child, as well as the stories of other women survivors of abuse, rape, drug addiction, trafficking, and prostitution. 


Part poetry, part rant, part rumination on her mother’s wit and wisdom, Becca weaves an invitation to create something from nothing, to find love and forgiveness and the practically divine that lives in all women.

Meet Becca

Becca Stevens is an author, social justice leader, survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Episcopal priest, and the founder and president of Thistle Farms. She is a determined advocate for women survivors in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and around the world. 


Her latest book, Practically Divine serves to show how—in real life, in all its darkness and lightness, and in real people, in all their brokenness and giftedness—we can find, experience, and share love. She describes her life as an average-sized glass overflowing with love.


From NPR to the New York Times, Becca’s work has been featured everywhere. Recognized as a Top 10 CNN Hero and a White House Champion of Change, she has experienced and listened to stories from women all over the world—finding healing in even the most challenging circumstances. Those stories often bring as much laughter as tears. Her work is her joy.

Practice might not lead to perfection, but it will lead us closer to love.
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