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2018: #EmbodyLove

Photo Credit: Peggy Napier 

There is a new word out there in the waves called Bodyfulness (think Mindfulness). I believe the idea is to connect being present in our bodies with wholeness and peace. Maybe one of the ripple effects of #metoo is understanding what embodiment means. 

We all need to be safe and grounded in our actual body if we want to be at peace in our work or home life. 

Our bodies remember everything and differentiating our bodies and our minds is of little consequence, as we realize our minds live inside our bodies. I think an important theme for us this year will be about taking care of our individual bodies and our collective body. I thought a tagline to use is #embodylove.

This figure of speech means we ground love into the very core of who we are. If we embody love, then peace joy and justice will flow naturally from us.  If we can't embody love, we will still be acting with fear and shame. There are lots of things to think about with this idea, but I just want to get our wheels turning. 



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