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Sometimes in the middle of Nashville, TN, when the air is thin and the nights are long, I can picture an African Sky over the Kalahari Desert.

The sky there is crisp at 6:00 am as the sun leans over the sandy brush to welcome another day.

Sitting on a porch in a quiet space, you can see Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. There is enough sky to dream and feel the kind of awe that sets you humbly alongside the grains of sand around you. Back in Middle Tennessee, I am afforded a view of the sky and the hills through my small window, and I find just enough space to conjure a new dream. Maybe instead of resolutions, we invite one another to dream.

We don't have to be resolved, we sometimes just have to find a window where we are free to dream again.

I pray you find that window and open it and you feel the awe that sets you in the place, just right.



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