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Handmade Holidays: A Guide to Celebrating, even in 2020

This is not a time to go big or go home. It's a time to go home and stay small with great love.

I’m not the first one to realize that this holiday season will be different after we have collectively experienced loss, fear and uncertainty this past year. That loss may have very well shaken us to our core, but we are resilient. We may be down, but we are still creative. 

Rather than focusing on what might not be this holiday, take a step back and take stock of all  we are thankful for. Let’s commit to fully experiencing and enjoying this time by focusing on meaningful expressions of love. 

The good news is you have permission to celebrate the season with a fresh slate, particularly as you begin to make adjustments to your usual holiday traditions, much like my family and I are doing now. 

Out of necessity, the act of gift-giving will probably change significantly, and that’s ok. It’s the spirit of that giving that’s always been important, and it’s that spirit that is now more important than ever. 

As you begin to make your plans for the holidays, keep these five important principles in mind when giving (and receiving) this season: 

  1. Be Intentional. Whether you choose to come together safely with family or stay apart, make your desire to share the spirit of love known with those that matter most. It’s the thought behind an unexpected phone call, or the specific care taken in setting a dinner table that’s important. This year, be intentional.

  2. Go Small. Small gestures mean the world, particularly in times of crisis. This is an amazing year to know that whatever you offer to another will be appreciated and seen as beautiful. Feel free to go small with great love.

  3. Go Homemade. With social distancing and online shipping, people are longing for human touch. Even a card means more than ever before as you’ve taken the time to create and touch something with your hands that you’re offering to someone in love. 

  4. Give Grace. This may not be your ideal Christmas this year, let it go. Cut your friends and loved ones some slack knowing that everyone is going through hard times.

  5. Count Your Blessings. Thank your lucky stars on the morning of your celebration. Begin by giving thanks for the bed you got up from and fill your day with love. 

While things are indeed different this year, go forward with peace in your hearts, creativity in your minds, and stay close to the spirit of the season. Homemade holidays and Christmas might leave you with visions sweeter than sugar plums.

In the spirit of going small and homemade, I have developed three crafts to share with you! Visit here for videos and instructions.

Peace and love.

— Becca Stevens

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