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Helpful Hints

On the eve of midterm elections I thought it might be nice this week to focus on some helpful hints to keep us centered and grounded on our spiritual path. Enjoy. 




All of us are born with everything need to make the journey. Everyone can see visions: Visions are sights filled with grace. Everyone can be mystical: Mystics are people willing to bear witness to their visions. Everyone can be prophetic: Prophets are people willing to speak the truth of their visions. Tend to your visions and bear witness to them in this world.    

Take the longer path. There is no shortcut on this journey, and it is definitely a walk, not a run. Think of it as exercising your heart muscles. If given a choice between a quick walk to the car or a long stroll thru the woods, take the stroll and use the time to pray and listen for God's voice in the woods.

Remember that even though you are traveling alone, you can carry communities with you. While the journey is lonely, you can share the experiences, joys and sorrows with those in your community. 

Pray for humor to carry you on the journey. It is a great gift to be able to laugh at yourself. 

Don't worry what you do in the name of justice might not make a difference. Walk with conviction that if you offer your life and heart, you will never be the same. 

Celebrate the knowledge that small changes make all the difference. Sometimes the miracle of healing and love happens so slowly that we forget to notice the great difference that has occurred in our lives. 

It's hard to love the sinner and hate the sin. In my experience the fascination with the details of the sin and its consequences far outweigh the love offered the sinner: On this road try first to love the sinner. When you have figured that out, then you can move forward hating the sin. 

Faith is not a closed system to be argued. It is a story unfolding in our lives. 

In all history, the most beautiful prayers of praise were raised after tribulation. 

The walk toward faith is noble. To abandon it and be a cynic is the easier path, but it doesn't lead anywhere. 

If people begin to argue a religious or moral belief in a mean-spirited way, suggest that they close their holy book and hit you over the head with it. It's simpler and more straightforward. 

Give time to that place between dreaming and being awake. It is sacred ground where new ideas are free to take root. 

Don't grow weary of other people's stories. All war stories have truth in them and teach us something about our own lives. They all deserve a good listener. 

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