Handmade Holidays 2020, Crafts to Give and Enjoy

Now updated with the 3rd in the craft series.

In the spirit of going small and homemade for the holidays, as I wrote about previously, I have developed three homemade crafts to share with you. I'll be posting one a week for the next three weeks on this page, so check back weekly.

1. Pine Cone Fire starters. First up is a simple craft that makes a sweet gift for a loved one. The instructions are also available here in text.

2. Wool Dryer Balls. Try this one for a fun craft using old sweaters and beautiful smelling essential oils. You can find written instructions here.

3. Bath Balms. Even if you don't make this to give as a gift, creating the bath balms, and then using them, is a terrific way to stay peaceful throughout this season. Step by step instructions here.

This is not a time to go big or go home. It's a time to go home and stay small with great love.

Peace and love.

— Becca Stevens

Drawn from 25 years of leadership in mission-driven work, the courageous stories of women survivors, and wisdom from nature and healing traditions, Becca inspires with practical and loving steps to create change in individuals and communities.

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