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How to Live More Generously

I once heard that there is enough food in the world to feed all the hungry children. It is not a lack of resources; it is simply a lack of will.

When I think about what I have hoarded it causes me great grief. I want to walk, eat, pack and work with a more open and trusting heart. Revisiting how much we “need” and how we might better share our resources is a scary and holy discipline.

I don’t know about you, but this question of how to live more generously rises up in me every so often. It has never gone away. Sometimes it manifests itself in judging others on their generosity or creates a long list in me about why I need to worry about having enough money. I think the disciples were cautioned to travel light because then they would always need each other and be a bit vulnerable.

This morning after leaving the comfort of the Ikirezi guest house we passed by a group of young kids splashing and jumping up and down to wash clothes. The young boys and girls were laughing and stomping with great energy. Sometimes they would jump high enough that they would fall on their backsides and then a roar of laughter would rise up in all the other kids. I felt both joy and sadness in the scene before me.

They were playing, but they also were doing laundry instead of being in school. It was a compelling vision simply pointing to the vast difference between economic resources and the violence and vulnerability that comes with poverty.

I have miles and miles to go to understand how to live more compassionately, but I am glad I am at least asking the question of myself again. I am ready to hear some good advice. Humbled by my weaknesses today.

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