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It's About Friends

The Thistle Farms Global team visiting the Moringa Madres in July 2018

It's about friends.

I have been thinking a lot about how we have grown Thistle Farms and Thistle Farms Global into a movement for women's freedom. It didn't happen by finding a life coach, a mentor, a spiritual director, or visionary. Those all are virtuous relationships, but not how I have experienced growth among the leaders and survivors over the past 21 years. It's not how I have grown as a writer, pastor, or entrepreneur.

It came from people willing to walk beside each other as friends. No one said, "go right" or "go left." They said "if you go right or left, I'll go with you and if we need to turn around we can." It's taken us to places we could have never imagined or been brave enough to go on our own.

Friendship is critical in justice work. Its bonds and generosity allow all of us grow together. I am so grateful for the love and trust of friendship.

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