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Shaking The Dust Off

As I begin, my exit I realized while I pack that I’m shaking the dust off everything.  There is rich red dirt that is the foundation of Rwanda.  By the end of a week it has made its way into your clothing, your pores, and has seeped into your heart. 

The red dusty dirt invites pilgrims like me to experience at a cellular level the truth that we are simply dust.  I am dust, rich as this land.  I am dust, buoyant as the particulars soaring through the air on an African breeze.  Thank God for the witness of fellow dirt lovers in Rwanda that have taught me this week that being dust is a gift.

Dust is what makes the rich earth that grows hope.  This dust is what sustains more than 80% of all Rwandans. This dust keeps me close to the earth, keeps me close to my creator, and makes me feel like singing at the end of this journey, “Alleluia.” Now for the 30 hour flight home!!

Thank you for being a part of this week and for sharing the story of Thistle Farms Global with a friend.

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