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The Power of Love

Regina, one of the first five women to graduate from Thistle Farms & the Director of Outreach for Thistle Farms’ National Network of Sister Organizations

“I got a chance to go back to school, get my children back, and figure out why I was in the streets for so long...Love heals through our work, and love heals through our body and bath products. The money goes back into the program for the next women who come in off the streets, and it helps us make a living wage.”

— Regina

Power is the ability to make decisions, to act on the decisions you make, and to possess enough freedom to hope. That is how I define power, just for today.  

Of course, that definition implies one has some economic and political freedom. I still believe with all my heart that the most powerful force for change in the world is love.  

As we continue to contemplate the meanings of power together, don't underestimate the power of love in your life or its ability to heal the world.



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