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Do small things with great love

There’s a quote attributed to Mother Teresa about doing small acts with great love. Even small acts of love change the scales of love in the world. 


We don’t need to be afraid or look the other way or cross the street when we see a person in front of us. All we’re required to do is some small thing with great love. 


If you want to put in the work, seek justice, and work toward a divine purpose, I have compiled this guide to help you get started.  

Download 10 Practical Ways You Can Walk Through Justice 

My hope with this guide is that you will see that the work of justice is a way of life, not an occasional activity.

Practically Divine Becca Stevens.png

Meet Becca

Becca Stevens is an author, social justice leader, survivor of childhood sexual abuse, priest, and the founder and president of Thistle Farms. She is a determined advocate for women survivors in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and around the world. 


Her latest book, Practically Divine serves to show how—in real life, in all its darkness and lightness, and in real people, in all their brokenness and giftedness—we can find, experience, and share love. She describes her life as an average-sized glass overflowing with love.


From NPR to the New York Times, Becca’s work has been featured everywhere. Recognized as a Top 10 CNN Hero and a White House Champion of Change, she has experienced and listened to stories from women all over the world—finding healing in even the most challenging circumstances. Those stories often bring as much laughter as tears. Her work is her joy.

Practice might not lead to perfection, but it will lead us closer to love.
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